This photo changed my life.

This photo changed my life.

I’ve been afraid to call myself a writer. Yes, a ton of my day-job centers around writing curriculum. Yes, I am contracted by other companies and individuals to write or edit content. Yes, I write every single day in some capacity because DUH I love it. But calling myself a WRITER? What? I’m not a WRITER. I’m just someone who likes to write.

(I know it doesn’t make sense; bare with me.)

I didn’t want to call myself a writer because I was scared people would discredit me. You’re not making a living off writing, they’d say. You’re not famous or well-known in the author community. You’re not really a writer.

Except that I am writer.

Being a writer has nothing to do with a paycheck or position. Writing is what I love, it makes me smile, it’s what I’m good at. God put something in me on purpose that made me want to create a story, a thought, an emotion through words. That desire makes me a writer.

And now that my first novel, TEMPUS, is being published this December, I can’t deny it any longer.

Holy cow! I am a writer!

And if you like to write–whether it be poetry, books, short stories, jokes, or sermons, you’re a writer, too.


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