A tale of two moves.

a tale of two moves

Have you ever moved? If you’re thinking about it…don’t. Just kidding. No, but really. Let’s briefly talk about the move I waited (and saved) FIVE YEARS for.

1. It rained ALL DAY the day we moved. Because of the rain, our movers got stuck in our old house’s driveway. After they (finally) got free, it took them twice as long as quoted to move our stuff. The bill redefined “making it rain” in a really, really unfortunate way.
2. Our first night home, the master toilet leaked through the ceiling…all over our freshly painted kitchen walls.
3. Our paint contractor was two days late painting the exterior of our home. As a result, we were unable to see the paint as it went up…and…alas…it was NOT the correct color.
4. Five days after we moved in, our basement toilet ran for hours without us knowing. I went downstairs to look for towels (BECAUSE MOST OF OUR STUFF WAS STILL DOWN THERE) and heard dripping. That’s right–our basement flooded. This event will henceforth be known as the Great Flood of ’13 (GF13).

(Hold on. Let me sigh before I move on from GF13. It will take me a long time to get over that one.)


5. My hot water went out for 3 days when the gas company “accidentally” switched the orders to connect it.
6. My dryer broke.
7. The brakes went out on my car.
8. And, for my grand finale, I came down with a virus so gnarly that it landed me in the hospital (See the lovely photo my husband took?). I was joking with some friends just days before that I felt like Jonah. “Where is Nineveh?!” I cried in jest. “I will go there.” Then, after the hospital stay, I realized I was more like Job.

Now, let me tell you the tale of another move…

1. My husband and I SCORED an awesome house two neighborhoods away from my mom in a killer school district. During our move, only a few, non-precious things were damaged. I’ve heard horror stories! We had none.
2. The leak in our ceiling was totally covered by a home warranty. The plumber came out super fast, cleaned it all up, and I only had to pay a little co-pay.
3. Our paint contractor agreed to repaint the house for free if we bought the paint. Duh! (Now it’s a sparkling Gauntlet Gray. TO DIE FOR.)
4. Our insurance agent showed up that night to our house with a professional cleaning company in two. These guys were amazing, and they made sure no mold or permanent water damage occurred. We also got hooked up with an AWESOME contractor who rebuilt our basement in record time. And, not to mention, I got to pick out carpet and hardwood colors that I actually preferred.
5. I was thinking we were going to have to replace the hot water heater when my contractor asked me to make sure the gas worked on my stove. When it didn’t, I was only one phone call away from getting those warm baths pouring once again.
6. Again–my contractor was like an angel with carpenter jeans on–fiddled with it and made it work again. It might as well have been Lazarus, that sucker was so dead. You have no idea how embarrassing my happy dance/squeal was when it came back to life.
7. Well. There’s not really a silver lining here. At least I didn’t rear-end anyone finding this out?
8. Aside from the obviously stunning momento of my snapshot here (not to mention the memory of barfing in the ER lobby to which no one batted even the slightest eyelash), I was able to get healthcare that didn’t cripple us financially. As a bonus, my mom’s best friend was working the ER that night, and she doctored me up as if I were here very own (she says I am).

The truth is, I don’t have REAL problems. I can feed my family and myself. I have options as to what I want to wear tomorrow. I keep change in my car’s ashtray, for the love!

What I have are rich people problems. My awesome basement flooded. The movers we can afford were slow. I barfed in my new trashcan that I was really into and had to throw it away (but seriously–it was awesome). But, at the end of the day, I’ve got a family who loves me, friends who like me, a cat who tolerates me, and a heart that believes life is better lived in the silver linings.

What’s something going on in your life right now that has you down? What’s the silver lining?


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