Music that I write to (and clean to, drive to, cook to, sit to, etc.)

Music that I write to (and clean to, drive to, cook to, sit to, etc.)

Andrew Belle. I first saw him in concert in 2011 at Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA. I came to see someone else; I left with Belle’s music ringing in my ears.

I could compare his voice to Chris Martin’s, his lyricism to the band Brand New’s, but Andrew Belle does his own thing, for sure.

I listened to his album, The Ladder, the entire time I wrote TEMPUS. It’s its unofficial soundtrack. Some of the most influential songs? In My Veins, Make It Without You, Add It Up, Oh My Stars. I could go on and on.

You’ll see moments of these songs in the pages of my book.

His newest album, released in 2013, is called Black Bear. I am not going to lie–the album sounded way different than any of his others. And it took me a hot minute to put aside my expectations and experience it without comparisons.

I’m totally into it. It’s surprising, because it’s not my typical listen (stylistically).

Current favorite lyric: “History’s a letter made of scarlet // Victories look better when you’ve called it // Misery’s the moment when I lost you // It’s pleasure in a costume // It’s more than what it cost you” (Pieces).

As I sit here and write the (unnamed) sequel to TEMPUS, due early 2015 (see that plug, there?), I am listening to Black Bear.

I hope when people read my books, they get the same feeling I get when I listen to Andrew Belle’s music: that every passing moment is a line in a story that I will later retell. It gives life a very epic (in the literal sense, not in the over-used, trendy sense) feeling. I hope it never goes away.

What are you listening to … right now?


3 thoughts on “Music that I write to (and clean to, drive to, cook to, sit to, etc.)

  1. I get hooked on specific songs that brings scenes to life in my head. Oddly, this includes a lot of 80s new wave, but I’m into mostly indie music. If it’s alright with you, I’ll post a link to my blog page that talks about how music makes scenes “explode” in my head. 🙂

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