What mice on crack sound like.

What mice on crack sound like.

Here’s the story board for TEMPUS. Does it give you chills? My sister and I squealed like mice on crack when we saw it! The highly talented Amber over at GMTA produced this for my blog tour–which begins February 14! The tour will include character interviews, guests posts about where the idea for TEMPUS came from, and bonus material from the book–deleted scenes AND scenes written from Zay’s perspective. AHHHH!!!! More cracked out mice squealing!

Stay tuned!

Holly Lauren is the author of TEMPUS, a Young Adult Science-Fiction Romance out now at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.


One thought on “What mice on crack sound like.

  1. Oh wow! That’s perfect! Thats exactly how I pictured Chapel, too. Lol. I can’t wait to follow your blog tour (and I don’t usually do that). I just signed up to be a host for GMTA so, I’m sure I missed signing up! That’s ok, I’m still going to go around like a shameless groupie! Lol.

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