5 best heroines of all time.

5 best heroines of all time.

…if by all time, you mean in recent years AND in a book I’ve read.

The common denominator with all my favorite heroines is their self-confidence. Even if they question or doubt themselves from time to time, I like a girl with a mind of her own. I’m not talking about a girl who has an inflated self-image, or a girl who always knows the right thing to say or do, I’m just talking about a girl with a backbone, a girl whose self-respect raises the moral climate around her. She’s flawed, but her will to do and be better is strong.

I want to give my readers a girl worth looking up to–a girl who makes them stop and think … Hey, I DO deserve fairness, respect, and love.

(Stepping carefully off the soapbox.)

Here they are:

5. Tris, DIVERGENCE series
3. Katniss, HUNGER GAMES series
2.Hermione, HARRY POTTER series

Who gets your vote? Did someone important not make my list?


Holly Lauren is the author of Tempus, a Young Adult Science Fiction romance available now at Amazon.com. 


5 thoughts on “5 best heroines of all time.

  1. Well~ “love” your quote on this page! The reader is “drawn in,” wants to read more and understand, Chapel. Your blog is exciting, inspirational, well presented. I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  2. Jane Eyre. 🙂 But I’d also like to add the heroine from the book I’m reading right now, Chapel Ryan. The quote you mentioned above definitely stood out to me when I read it. I love her no nonsense attitude, and the dialogue between Chapel and Zay is bringing the best of her out. Erica is an excellent foil (who I incidentally also can’t help smiling about being that I’m from New Jersey). I just started chapter 15. 🙂

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