I need to make a (few) confession(s).

I need to make a (few) confession(s).


3 things I’ll do differently with my next manuscript …

1. Query fewer agents. With TEMPUS, I queried just about everyone accepting manuscripts in my genre. I probably queried someone you know. I might have queried you. That’s how many people I queried. Now, I lucked up and got an AWESOME publisher, but this is not always the case. I’ve heard some horror stories about publishing deals gone bad, and that easily could have been me. NO, I will look at agent websites, lists, and what other authors are saying about said agents before I query them.
2. Edit, Edit, Edit. I thought TEMPUS had been edited within an inch of its precious little book life. But between the stage where I deemed it “perfect” and its publishing, it lost 50 pages of content. Holy cow. That’s more than a little. That’s slightly less than a lot.
3. Start the book 25% further into the story. I like to tell stories in chronological order. I don’t do a lot of flashbacks or retrospective narratives, so my manuscripts read in a very linear fashion. The problem with this is that the build can be very slow, especially when you are trying to establish characters, settings, and foundational plot elements. HOWEVER, on my next manuscript, I am only going to reveal the details you absolutely must have in order to understand what is happening in that moment—and even then, I may not give you all the details.

What will you do differently with your next manuscript?


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