I’ve lost that loving feeling

What do you do when you don’t want to write anymore?

I always envisioned writer’s block as this fabulously dramatic experience where a writer’s desire to write and write well was staunched by some unseen hand at the throat of their creativity.

And I knew the day would come when I would personally experience writer’s block. I would run out of ideas! I would run out of adjectives! I would run out of time! But never, never, ever, ever did I think I would run out of WANT.

But that’s where I am. I simply don’t WANT to write.

It’s not glamorous or moody or even worthy of this blog post. It’s kind of pathetic. 

When I wrote TEMPUS, you couldn’t STOP me from writing. I wrote in the bathtub. In the car. I would fill up the notepad on my phone with ideas while pumping gas. But lately, I don’t feel like writing at all. I sit down at my laptop and I stare at the keys. I visit my 2-3 revolving websites (Shamefully: People.com, Pinterest, and Facebook), and then I stare at the keys some more.

But that stops today. Today I am going to commit to writing even though I don’t want to. Because I am a writer now. And if I take myself seriously, I can’t be unproductive. I HAVE SEQUEL DUE OUT IN TWO MONTHS, PEOPLE!

My challenge to myself: 10 pages of edits on existing work and 1 page of new manuscript every day for 5 days a week. 

What do you do when you don’t want to write anymore?



2 thoughts on “I’ve lost that loving feeling

  1. Maybe something external to your writing has changed? What kind of life were you living when you were so motivated you could not put the pen down? Could you possible need some dramatic sort of life change to revitalise and re-motivate yourself?

    Fingers crossed you find your ‘want’ again. I have the ‘want’ but lack the ideas or imagination.

  2. Maybe it’s not writing itself but the something you’re writing. Try writing on a new idea for a while. Forgive my bad metaphor (I’m chock-full of them lately), but maybe that book-baby just doesn’t want to be born yet. Try resetting yourself by investing in a new project–or just free-writing and see what happens. 🙂

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