How do you choose a title?

I’m working a new book –SHOCK, I KNOW–and I’m having a difficult time naming it.

For TEMPUS, it was easy. I named the manuscript TEMPUS temporarily–since that word was the first that jumped out at me the first time I hit Save As–and it just kind of stuck. (Are you disappointed there’s not a more gripping story there? Sorry if you are!)

For my newest book, I’ve been calling it “Prevention.” It’s totally different than TEMPUS in that it is far less Sci-Fi and written for a more mature audience. It’s sort of a conspiracy/adventure/thriller. (Enough genres for ya?) But I don’t want to name it “Prevention.” Prevention makes me think of that class we took in Health my freshman year that made everyone blush and feel awkward.

So … what do you think? If you are a writer, how do you choose names for your pieces? How important is the name of a book? Is it more or less important than a cover?

Can’t wait to get your responses! I’ll share them on my Facebook page: Holly Lauren Writes.